The value of comprehensive business insurance coverage that is tailored to your industry can make the difference between having coverage for a claim or having to pay for costly losses out of pocket.


If you, your employees or students travel to high risk countries you may be an attractive target for criminals who use kidnapping and other forms of extortion for financial gain.

Our Services and Products

Covered in these areas


Maximize the income-generating properties of bonds.

General Liability

Implement strategies to reduce liability risk.

Group Health

Leverage programs for a wide variety of stakeholders.

Commercial Property

Build a well-balanced commercial property risk strategy.

Cyber Risk Managment

Integrate insights into your cyber risk strategy.

Workers Compensation

Control the risks associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Our Story

Partners Risk Strategies

Managing risk means creating a reverberating impact on organizations, teams and careers. That’s why “risk” is a part of our name. Risk management requires distinct processes that encourage stakeholders to evaluate risks and find cost-effective ways to reduce the likelihood of risk events or mitigate their consequences. We are set apart from the competition by our diverse background and broad view of risk management. Our founders at Partners Risk Strategies know what it’s like to be small and large business owners, making us uniquely qualified to deliver personalized services. We deliver optimal solutions by leveraging the capabilities of our carriers and our partners to help you prepare for all eventualities.

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • The team at Partners Risk Strategies helped us understand the different types of risks that our business faced as a result of our strategic decisions and overcome organizational biases. We were able to see things from another perspective and effectively pursue highly ambitious goals, while systematically tackling the multiple categories of risks within our business. We highly recommend Partners Risk Strategies to any organization seeking help managing risk.

    LeAnna Lynn
    CEO Executive Marketing Company

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