If you, your employees or students travel to high risk countries you may be an attractive target for criminals who use kidnapping and other forms of extortion for financial gain. Whether you’re traveling for business, vacation or study abroad you need adequate protection. Securing kidnap and ransom insurance (known as K&R) is a wise decision if you fit any of these categories.

Policies cover more than just kidnap-for-ransom incidents. Events that are insured include extortion (against person and property), wrongful detention and hijacking. The hijacking of a vehicle or private aircraft would fall within the cover of K&R insurance. Other covered events may include disappearances, child abduction, threats and hostage crises.

K&R is an indemnity policy. In a covered event, the insured would have to make the demanded ransom payment and subsequently submit a claim to the insurer for reimbursement. However, the policy covers more than just ransom payment. It includes loss of ransom in transit, the judgement, settlement and defense costs, death and dismemberment, business interruption, personal financial loss, medical, “rest and rehabilitation” and access to special security consultants.

As a policy holder, you may have complimentary pre-incident briefings with a team of security consultants who will establish your risk profile and prepare you for specific security issues you may encounter. Should a crises occur, a K&R policy provides the assurance that an experienced security consultant will be available to you around the clock. They will help structure and execute a strategy to resolve the crises quickly. Keep in mind the policies are crafted and priced based on personal or organizational factors. No matter what the factors may be, K&R policies are there to ensure safety and a piece of mind.

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