Withstanding and recovering quickly from this perilous moment in world history will require enterprises to become resilient in the midst of the pandemic crisis. The action necessary must not be viewed as optional and leaders must be resolute in urgently moving forward. Establishing a Covid-19 Resiliency Plan now will allow businesses to move to a phase of safely and strategically reemerging. As parents look for answers about sending their children to school and we collectively wait for a national plan for survival, businesses must create their own blueprint. 
Historically, the answers to non-medical problems have always come from forward thinking companies with missions and values that embrace ingenuity and innovation. Revenue decreases across all business sectors have already been realized. Continued near term loss is undeniable. With no clear facts on how to safely and fully reopen with onsite workers, coupled with a looming recession, many business leaders are exhibiting decision-making paralysis. Enterprises that are still standing have been able to absorb the meteoric shock of Covid-19. In order to continue surviving and not be ravaged in this battle, be resolved to producing a strategically sound Covid-19 Resiliency Plan that contains R6 practices and operational processes. 
Successful enterprises have process improvement, in fact continuous improvement models, as part of their organizational DNA. In order to thrive and dominate, corporations should review all business systems, risk analyses, and other critical assessments through the lenses of customers, suppliers, government municipalities, competitors, boards of directors, and employees at key levels. This same critical analysis is needed now in order to be resilient and emerge with strength on the other side of Covid-19. 
Even those who wear the mantles of industry disruptors and innovation leaders will have to develop new business models. If your plan is to succeed, then transformational thinking that harnesses the collective knowledge capital of the organization, is ground zero. As you mobilize your Covid-19 resilience response team, they must be empowered for decision-making around our R6 resilient plan process steps. 

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